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PoolStars is synonymous with Billiards, and once again we demonstrate it. Last year we managed to organize the first Federated Online Billiard Championship in Spain. This championship was supported by the Royal Spanish Billiard Federation and broadcast live on Streaming by LaLiga Sports TV. This was a milestone in eSports in Spain. For all this, this year we have been forced to improve ourselves.
That is why we present the first ever Online European Billards Championship! This time with The European Pocket Billiard Federation.

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01/10/2020 00:00 – 25/10/2020 23:59

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Registration date: 01/06/2020 09:45 – 31/08/2020 23:59

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ESports are hitting harder in Europe. After the first Spanish Championship of Federated Billiards online, there are many countries that have joined the initiative. This is why we do not stop growing, to offer our players the best experience at a pool table. Both our handling of hitting and rebounding physics, as well as the style and exquisite treatment of billiards make PoolStars the billiards application trusted by European federations such as The European Pocket Billiard Federation to organize their championships. Don’t wait any longer, download our application now and start practicing. Maybe you can follow the path and proclaim yourself as the next European Billiard Champion … Do you accept the challenge?

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Onewinner’s PoolStars

Onewinner’s PoolStars is an 8 ball pool game in which you can compete against the aspiring champions of the first European Billiards Championship online.

  • Play in turns in real time.
  • Defeat your rivals to become a LEYEND.
  • Make history by participating in the first European Online Billiards Championship
  • Participate in multiplayer tournaments as easily as you play the championship.
  • What are you waiting for?
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Graduate power

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